• Browned Butter Mashed Potatoes

    I cannot believe it is Thanksgiving so soon. Can you? How did it become November already? Wasn’t it summer yesterday? I think I blinked…and…woah.

    At least we get to snuggle up by the fire, wear fuzzy boots, and eat a Thanksgiving feasts with people we love!

    I have always been in charge of the mashed potatoes in my family. Probably because when I lived at home my dad was in the zone around the stove top and the oven. And while mashed potatoes may be the easiest, they are the most time consuming for sure- and they don’t require much time hanging out by a heat source.

    So, I’d sit at the end of the counter and peeling potatoes, breathing in good smells in anticipation of the good meal to come.

    And the food coma that would inevitably follow.

    Last year, Browned Butter became all the rage in the food world. I totally jumped on that band wagon. I saw THIS recipe from How Sweet It Is. Browned Butter Mashed Potatoes, I was all about it.

    This year I decided to make them again, and share the recipe/technique with you. Because, in case you think mashed potatoes are boring, this is a very easy way to make them special. Because it’s Thanksgiving, and what better way to show thanks than by infusing some extra love into your food?

    Here’s how the mashed potato making goes:

    So, first you should peel and cube your russet potatoes. As soon as they’re peeled and cubed, throw them into a pot of water that should be so conveniently placed next to you.

    Once they’re all in there, bring the potatoes and water to a boil, and let them boil for about 15 minutes, or until fork tender (a fork breaks them apart easily).

    Strain out the water!

    And return the potatoes to the pan, lidless, and let some more moisture escape.

    Meanwhile, brown your butter. In a saucepan- until brown bits begin to appear.

    When they do, kill the heat.

    Pour into your potatoes, along with some milk, salt, and pepper. Stir, mash,or whip em up. I mashed.

    Garnish with fresh sage.

    The brown butter provides a richer, nuttier flavor with a distinct depth. It’s worth that little bit of extra work no doubt. A step up from the classic mashed potatoes, a grown up version if you will. With all the simplicity, but now with flare. Try em’, you’ll be happy you did.

    And happy Thanksgiving (soon!)

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