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    I can only talk so much about the Fabulous Hillcrest Farmers Market. So, this week I’m going to let Yelp do the talking for me. I was thinking about the incredible variety of Ethnic food options available within this market. How lucky are we that we don’t need to travel far to taste authentic flavors from around the globe? I found a bunch of Yelp comments that backed up my feelings of amazement. Take a look!

    “…Farmer’s Markets are the new popular local movement across California! It’s no surprise that there’s a reason! It’s filled with so many different ethnic cuisines and languages, I had to make certain that I was in Hillcrest and not the United Nations!  Passing through each tent with the summer breeze going through your hair is almost as hypnotizing as getting a waft of the yummy food!…”

    “…They also offer kid activity booths, many ethnic food booths…”

    “…This one has many stands that sells ethnic cuisine which other farmer’s market in SD can’t compete with…”

    “…They have so many different ethnic food represented here…the smells are wonderful.   Still need to try them crepes…”

    “…Went this past Sunday and was just blown away by the abundance of ethnic food choices and fresh vegetable stands within such a convenient and short walk…”

    “…and delicious prepared food from Brazil, East Africa, Mediterranean countries, Mexico and more…”

    “Our greatest discovery were the Thai coconut pancakes. YUM!!!”

    “I have heard good things about their coconut rice flour pancakes, and will be back to try them.”

    “The street tacos are a good price for 3 tacos for $5.00.”

    “The little 3-year boy sitting across from me with his Dad at the table where we were inhaling our street tacos seemed to enjoy it.”

    “We’re big fans of the handmade tamales by Gourmet Tamales (a small family-run business). It is difficult deciding which flavors to get each week: sweet corn and scallion, spicy black bean, green mole and vegetables, feta and spinach, poblano and cheese, chile relleno, and dessert tamales like pumpkin, apple-strawberry, and pineapple.”

    “I had a “Gourmet” tamale that melted in my mouth.”

    “One of my favorites is the East african food (eggplant & lentils).”

    “Also the Brazilian puffed pastries filled with ground beef and olives make for a good late brunch snack.”

    I think this post sums up a “worldly” Hillcrest Farmers Market experience pretty well…

    “Came for organic produce; ended up spending most of my time and money at the prepared food stands.

    Extensive variety of amazing dishes from around the globe; many of which are cooked in front of you while you wait in line.

    Appetizer #1: Tiny Thai coconut pancakes – novel, amazing. 5 50-cent-coin-sized pieces for $1.

    Appetizer #2: Spicy lentil samosa from African stand. $1 each – bit pricey for the size but quite tasty.

    Main course: Middle Eastern spiced beef pita sandwich drenched in hot sauce – delicious. $6.

    Dessert: Sweet crepe with sugar and lemon from the La Creperie stand – excessive amounts of sugar but very enjoyable. $4.”

    I don’t know about you, but my mouth is now watering. I can’t wait until tomorrow so I can taste the globe again!

    -Market Girl

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