• Healing at the Market

    We as human beings tend to have many sources of discontent. Be it with our health, our emotions, our finances…let’s face it… we are all in need of healing once in a while. Good thing for us, the market is a perfect place for healing that which ails us. As I have touched on many times, just being at the market is enough to make you feel great! But, if that just isn’t enough, maybe these market vendors can be of help…

    Have you met Michelle at Conscious Cookery? I go to her for my beans and grains, pretty much on a weekly basis… however, she is now selling teas! 
    As we know, teas are automatically healing. It’s pretty much the first thing our friends recommend to us when we’re not feeling 100%. I bought some of Michelle’s Banana Dulce tea, and no lie, steeping a cup of it made my house smell like I just baked banana bread. That aroma… incredible. If I wasn’t feeling great, I think this would most definitely help!
    If you haven’t met Barry, of Koral’s Tropical Fruit Farm, I’m sure you’ve at least heard him shouting out his daily deals on avocados, citrus, and more. Barry is full of information on vegan diets. He gives health talks and motivates us all to be healthier and more conscious about the food choices we make. If you need advice on organic fruits, or on following your dream… go talk to Barry! He encourages us to be abundant! It’s not what’s in your pockets, it’s what’s in your mind!!!
    Janet, or Grammy of Grammy’s Granola heals us all with whole grains in her delicious baked goods. To me, there is no better morning fuel than hearty granola in milk. Yum. The best part about Janet is that she makes all of her granola with so much Love, as she says… it is her main ingredient!
    When food and teas aren’t enough, there is always retail therapy…

    Jewelry? Accessories?…
    Beautiful bamboo cutting boards?
    I think at the market you’ll be sure to find something that heals you, in some way shape or form. 
    Just being around happy people, who like to share and smile, to try new things and support this beautiful market is enough to heal me after a long week. That and some Banana Dulce tea 🙂

    Want to win some market bucks? Come to the info booth on Sunday and let me know… what about the Hillcrest Farmers Market heals YOU?

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