• Juice Fix

    Summer’s coming up, and I don’t know about you but there are days when nothing sounds as good as a refreshing, cold juice. Ah juice, it’s everything I want and need. It’s nutritious and satisfying, a great energizer, and a perfect way to get a bunch of vitamins into your body quickly!

    Juicing is all over the place right now, and with good reason. Juicing your vegetables and fruits makes the nutrients more available for you to digest in full, since the fiber is removed. As I said, it also allows you to get more of their benefits, easily, but more importantly, you’ll find that by juicing you will eat new vegetables and fruits that maybe you’ve never tried. This will give your diet a necessary variety.

    Lately when I go to the market I not only consider which vegetables I’d like to buy to cook with that week, but also which I’d like to juice. I’ve been playing with different flavor combinations with my at-home juicer, and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

    My most favorite combination is carrot, orange, and ginger. It’s the perfect amount of tangy, sweet, and spicy (from the ginger), and it becomes the most vibrant color orange!

    I also enjoy anything with tons of beets. Raw beets are SO good for you, and it’s nice to be able to juice an entire beet in one fell swoop and get those nutrients into your system. Talk about a pick me up! Beet (golden or red), kale, cabbage, and apple is a winning combination.

    Lastly, I thoroughly enjoy Greenfix’s organic smoothie.  I am yet to try and recreate it. It is 8 kinds of dark leafy greens with apple juice and flax. Delicious. Their balance is right on. So, on Sunday, if you haven’t yet, go sample or buy some green juice.

    The thing about juicing though, is that you are supposed to drink it relatively quickly after juicing yourself. Oxygen shouldn’t have the chance to get to the vegetables, as it will deplete some of the benefits. Fresh juice is so much better for you than store bought, too, because it is alive and unpasteurized. Your body deserves this!

    So, make it often. It’s fun. Especially when you watch the deep green, deep purples, and deep oranges extract from your vegetables! If you have a juicer, load up on produce at the market next time. If you don’t, treat yourself to a Greenfix juice. You will be happy you did.

    Here is some juicing inspiration for you. It’s a “recipe” for a juice using a bunch of market veggies, all organic, all fresh. It is so beautiful and so tasty.

    This juice uses kale, beets, carrot, ginger, green apple, lemon, parsley, and purple cabbage. Goes to show, it’s a great way to use up pretty much any fruits and vegetables in your fridge! Look how pretty the foamy top is. Mmmmm. Drink that over ice on a summer day, deeeelicious!

    A few tips for you when juicing:

    1. Start with fruits and vegetables you know you like. Incorporate newer things later.

    2. Prep everything for the juicer first. Makes it easier to do, as juicing can sometimes be time consuming.

    3. Buy fruits and vegetables that are on sale, and maybe about to go bad. They may not be the best to bit into, but they’d still make great juice!

    4. Buy ORGANIC fruits and vegetables, especially because you don’t really have to peel anything or destem/deseed. You don’t want any chemicals in your juice. The farmers market is a perfect place for this, of course!

    5…Watch out for that juice mustache…



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