• Kids’ Sushi Making at the Market

    When you put a bunch of nicely sliced, colorful fruits and vegetables in front of kids and give them a vehicle to wrap them in, they are bound to try something new. That’s just what happened again this week. Cas and I hosted our second of four “classes” at the market. It’s a part of Hillcrest Farmers’ Market new Summer Cooking Series,Cooking Up Fresh Summer Fare with Market Girl. And this one was even more popular than last!
    We got Peaches from Sweet Tree Farms, carrots from Sage Mountain, and spinach from Suzie’s, amongst other purchases. I love the MANY options of vendors and produce each week at the Hillcrest Market!All rolled up in organic, raw seaweed. A deliciously healthy snack!Father and son creating together, just beautiful!
    So many curiously adventurous kids came by to make sushi… vegetable and fruit sushi, to their hearts’ desire.
    The pride that they have when they create their very own roll then slice into it to see bits of everything they rolled inside is amazing. The looks on their faces? Priceless.The kids shared with their parents and with us too. They ate seaweed and loved it. They made a mess, but all in the name of new flavor combinations. It was awesome!I can’t wait for the next culinary activity of the series- the last Sunday of August! Hope to see you there!

    But, if you have kids and just can’t wait ’til August 26, check out Flour Children for more kids’ cooking classes in the area.

    Until next time,

    Jamie aka Market Girl

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