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Our vendors are listed below in their respective categories. Remember that some of these vendors are bi-weekly and seasonal.



Organic Farmers & Their Specialties

  1. Archie’s Acres: Avocados, seasonal fruit, hydroponic Basil and other greens.
  2. Dennis Stowell: Pomegranates, tomatoes, melons and other delicious produce.
  3. Farmers’ Daughter: Balsamic Vinegars, Olive and Avocado Oil, Honey.
  4. Fresh Cut Microgreens.
  5. JR Organics: Wide selection of seasonal greens, tomatoes, squash, melons, beans, herbs, strawberries, flowers and much more.
  6. Lone Oak Ranch: Peaches, plums, apricots, apples, juices, and nuts.
  7. Maciel Family Farms.
  8. Nicolau Farms: Goat cheese and goat cheese products.
  9. R&L Farms: Peaches, plums, apricots, grapes, cherries, citrus, pomegranates, avocados, and fresh juices.
  10. Sage Mountain Farm: A full range of seasonal vegetables alongside an offering of organic beef. : READ MORE
  11. Smit Farms: Fuji apples, peaches, plums, apricots, dried fruit, nuts, and juices. www.SMITFARMS.COM READ MORE
  12. Suzie’s Farm: A broad selection of seasonal vegetables including a variety of sprouts.
  13. Sweet Tree Farms: Seasonal fruits.
  14. Terra Bella Ranch: Seasonal fruit, avocados, walnuts, and more.

Pesticide Free Farmers & Their Specialties

  1. Andrea Hankins: Moroccan Gold Medjool dates.
  2. Cahuilla Farms: Lavender, herbs, and decorative branches.
  3. Farmer Steve: Seasonal local fruits.
  4. Gama Farms: Potatoes, onions, garlic, eggs and more.
  5. Hoseon Lee: Kyoho Grapes (Seasonal).
  6. Kawanos: Seasonal vegetables, strawberries, raspberries, and mushrooms.
  7. Koral’s Tropical Fruit Farm: Variety of seasonal tropical and subtropical fruits and nuts.
  8. Suncoast Farms: Broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, artichokes, and dried beans.
  9. Valley Center Growers: Specializing in citrus and avocados.
  10. Vang’s Farm: Asian Vegetables.

Conventional Farmers

  1. Enrique Salazar: High desert peaches, plums, nectarines, and apricots.
  2. Mountain Meadow Mushrooms: A multitude of different mushrooms.
  3. Rey River; Strawberries, tomatoes, corn, melons, beans, peppers, much more.
  4. Rancho Chico: Strawberries.
  5. Valdivia Farms: Miniature vegetables, tomatoes, corn, squash, and various herbs.

Flower and Plant Vendors

  1. Kris Grig: Potted flowering plants.
  2. Hidalgo Flowers: Full selection of seasonal flowers.
  3. Maldonado’s Flowers: Full selection of seasonal flowers.
  4. JR Rodriguez: Full selection of seasonal flowers.
  5. Orchidanica: Choice selection of orchid plants.
  6. Rancho Chico: Full selection of seasonal flowers.
  7. Whole Earth Acre: Potted herb and vegetable plants.

Meat and Dairy Farmers

  1. Curtis Womach: Free range whole chickens and turkeys.
  2. Nicolau Farms: Goat cheese and related products.
  3. Sonrise Farms: 100% grass-fed beef, free-range pork, and free-range chicken.
  4. Sage Mountain Farm: Organic and grass-fed beef.
  5. Spring Hill Cheese: Organic cow and goat artisan cheeses, raw selections available. READ MORE
  6. San Pasqual Academy: Vegetarian fed chicken eggs.
  7. The Cheese Store. Variety of imported and local cheeses.

Seafood Vendors

  1. BB Salmon by Bristol Bay from Alaska: Wild Alaskan salmon, dips, and spreads sold by fisherman who caught the fish.
  2. Poppa’s Fresh fish: Broad selection of prime cut and fresh local seafood, sea urchins and shellfish.
  3. La Isla Ceviche.

Prepared Foods Vendors & Their Specialties

  1. Ancient Secrets: Greek yogurt, granola.
  2. Anthem Vegan: Vegan prepared foods.READ MORE 
  3. Argentinean Gourmet: Argentinean empanadas and sausage sandwiches.
  4. Asana Foods: Acai bowls, granola, spreads, etc.
  5. Arslan’s Gyros: Gyros and spinach pie.
  6. Awesome Hot Sauce. REAd MORE 
  7. Azeba’s Sambussas: African food.
  8. Baba Foods: Hummus and other Mediterranean foods.
  9. Basil Tops: Variety of pesto sauces.
  10. Belgian Delights: Belgian fries, dipping sauces and more.
  11. Be Runa: Seed Salts and African Baskets.*
  12. Bitchin Sauce: Dipping, spreading and smothering sauces.
  13. Blue Spark Baking: Specialty minis pies, granola treats, etc.
  14. Bread & Cie Bakery: European and artisan style baked goods.
  15. California Cheesecakes by Vonda: Multiple kinds of delicious mini-cheesecakes.
  16. California Olive Oil.
  17. Cane Patch Pies/Kaught Up Ketchup VSAT.
  18. Charlie’s Best Bread: Gourmet breads with whole grain selections.
  19. Charlie’s Butter: Raw infused organic Butters.*
  20. Claravale Farm: Raw milk, ice cream, goat cheese.*
  21. Close to Home: Home made style fresh pasta. READ MORE
  22. Cobblestone Vegan Soups, hot and cold.*
  23. Conscious Cookery: Dried beans, exotic rice, spice mixes and more.
  24. David Bacco Chocolatier.
  25. Desert Smoke Barbeque Sauce.*
  26. Divine Madman Coffee: Full service organic coffee and roasted beans to take home.
  27. Doggus and Pupusas: Gourmet hot dogs and Salvadorian food.
  28. Flavors of East Africa: Hot East African food, perfect to eat on site.
  29. Fresko’s: Cheese dips, olives, olive oil etc.
  30. Gina’s Prepared Fruit: Fresh fruit plates and fruit drinks.
  31. Good for you Gourmet: Pastas, beans, and spice mixes.*
  32. Gourmet Tamales: Award winning, lard-free gourmet tamales, squash blossom quesadilla’s, salsas and more.
  33. Grammy’s Granola: Gourmet granola and banana breads. READ MORE
  34. Green Fix: Green vegetable smoothies.
  35. Green Truck: Locally Grown Food Truck.
  36. Hani’s Market: Tapenades, olives, and Mediterranean spreads.
  37. Happy Pantry: Locally preserved seafood, meats, pickles, and vegetables.
  38. H&B Guac Shack: Guacamole and chips.
  39. Jackie’s Jams: Award winning jams using farmer’s market fruit.
  40. Joe’s on the Nose: Full service coffee, espresso and smoothie truck.
  41. La Creperie: French-style crepes.
  42. La Princesa: Fine Mexican food.
  43. La Salsa Chileana: Chilean style salsas and chips.
  44. Loic Patisserie.
  45. Made In Brazil. Brazilian Hot Foods.
  46. Majestic Garlic: Garlic spreads, dips, and preserved garlic.
  47. Masala Cottage: Indian Food.
  48. Meat Men: Salumi, sausage, hot sausage sandwiches.
  49. Mook and Pop’s: Home style pies, cakes, pastries.
  50. Oh! Juice: Organic fresh pressed juices. READ MORE
  51. Olive Oil Organic Café/Seacoast: Exceptional Gluten and sugar free pastries.
  52. Pacific Beach Peanut Butter.  READ MORE
  53. Pappardelle’s Pasta.
  54. Peace Pies: Raw Vegan food.
  55. Pop n’ Mama: Organic kettle corn.
  56. Power Juice-UP: Smoothies.
  57. Prager Brothers: Artisan Breads.
  58. Pure Mana: Kale chips, energy bars and more.
  59. Ranchwood Catering: Barbecue.
  60. Raw Revelations: Kale chips, raw foods for food preparation
  61. Russian With Love:  Russian Prepared foods.
  62. SAAF Ginger: Ginger based drinks.
  63. Salt Farm: Herb and spice enhanced sea salts.
  64. Scratch Barbeque Sauce.*
  65. Sea Salt Candy Co.
  66. Seb’s Pannini: Made to order Panini sandwiches.
  67. Soy Dining: Healthy salad dressings.
  68. So Good Banana Pudding.
  69. Sipndipatea: Organic Gourmet teas.
  70. Supernatural Seafood Sandwiches.
  71. Spanish Deli: Spanish olive oil, preserved meats, gluten-free bread and olives.
  72. Tamales by Juanita: Traditional Mexican tamales.
  73. Tea Gallerie: Lose leaf and other exotic teas.
  74. Thai Chef Saranya:  Various Thai dishes and coconut pancakes.
  75. The Cheese Store.
  76. The Cravory Cookies: Gourmet cookies with a twist.
  77. The Raw Vegan: Raw vegan cheesecakes and more.
  78. Thirsteas: Exotic refreshing drinks.
  79. Turkish Grill: Turkish grilled kabobs with multiple sides.
  80. Unforgettable Desserts: French pastries and cakes.

Mind and Body

  1. Active Rest Chiropractic Services.*
  2. Elivelife: Spa promotions.
  3.  Growing Chiropractic: Dr. Harry Heeder.*
  4. Morea Garcia and Mariah Guillot Massage: Massage therapy.

Arts and Crafts and More

  1. Artesenia Mexicana: Art from Mexico.
  2. Amy Designs: Designer jewelry.
  3. Beauty and the Bath: Artisan soaps and lotions.
  4. Chi Styles: Handmade leather goods.
  5. Bella Vado: Avocado oil products.
  6. Circles and Squares: Unique handmade art on clothing and tee shirts.
  7. Eddie With Whimsical Hats:
  8. Egor and Tasha: Designer custom jewelry.*
  9. Enville Publishing: Local photo art
  10. Fair Trade: Home décor.
  11. Flight of Fancy Jewelry.
  12. Fran and Tom Hats.
  13. Folk Art International.
  14. Garlic Grater: Ceramic garlic graters.*
  15. Gi Gi Nepal Imports: Nepalese clothing.
  16. Global Impressions: African designs.
  17. Go Any Length: Unique jewelry made from typewriter keys.
  18. Irrobat or Taborri  Books: Handmade journals and jewelry.
  19. Jewels and Co: Designer jewelry.*
  20. Josetta Walsh: Succulent displays.*
  21. June Accessories: Shopping bags, winter hats, and more.*
  22. KEF Enterprises: Women’s imported clothing.
  23. Krista Pendulum Jewelry.
  24. Local Ware: Locally themed clothing and accessories.**
  25. Maureen’s Fashions: Women’s clothing.
  26. Mehendi Designs: Henna art and Indian apparel.
  27. Messie Jessie’s Bikes: Bike accessories and repair.
  28. Modern Muse: Leather goods and more.
  29. Moroccan  Treasures: Home décor and jewelry from Morocco.
  30. Moya’s: Designer second hand booth.
  31. Noa’s: Argentinean leather wear.*
  32. Nicole and David Jewelry.
  33. .Nkuto Organics and Bamboo Products: Skin care products and bamboo products.*
  34. Nouveau Designs: Hand made wood furniture.*
  35. Paris Davis: Recycled metal art.
  36. Puppy Love: Handmade dog treats.
  37. Serene Collection: Hand made jewelry.**
  38. Signs of San Diego: Artistic Signs.*
  39. Skinfolk; Body scrubs and treatments*
  40. Solar City: Residential solar products and installation.
  41. Some of Me: Greeting cards.
  42. Stop, Shop and Roll: Women’s Fashion Truck.
  43. Su Su Boutique: Women’s unusual clothing.
  44. 3 fish: Handmade jade jewelry. **
  45. Terrior By Sea: French imports.
  46. The Peeler Guy.**
  47. Think Positive Apparel: Tee shirt designs.
  48. Twenty Dollar Bedsheets: Quality, affordable bed sheets.
  49. Urban Octopus: Eclectic art and wears.
  50. Vitreum Glassware: Distinctive glassware.
  51. Vyvienne’s Headbands.* *
  52. ZLS Boardworks: Hand made cutting boards.


* Vendor attends market every other week.

** Vendor attends market once a month or occasional basis.