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    As I sit in this cafe writing this post, I am listening to Sister Speak‘s album, Rise Up for Love. And I am loving every second of it. Between Sherri Anne’s voice, the beautifully soothing guitar, and the lyrics, I sit here completely relaxed and ready to share this interview with you. I saw Sister Speak play first at the Hillcrest Market a few weekends ago, and I was immediately attracted to their sound. I saw on their website they’re touring- and will be performing in San Diego at Winstons this Saturday (the 12th)! I really recommend hearing this band’s “Rootsy Rock” sound live.


    Here is the interview- enjoy!

    Question: Who are the members of Sister Speak and which instruments do each of you play?

    Answer: Sherri Anne does lead vocals/acoustic guitar, Lisa Viegas plays the drums & cajon, Tolan Shaw does harmony vocals and lead guitar, and Jacob “Cubby” Miranda plays bass.

    Q: How long have you been together as a band?

    A: Sister Speak formed in 2010. Sherri Anne and Lisa have been performing together since 2010; Tolan joined in 2012, and Jacob in summer 2013.

    Q: How often do you perform at Hillcrest? Where else can we find you in San Diego?

    A: We perform at the Hillcrest Farmers Market a few times a year as we love to support local vendors. We perform all over the city – Humphrey’s backstage every month or two, at various festivals and events, The Wine Lover a few times a year for special acoustic nights.

    Some of the bigger SD venues we’ve played include  Opening for Air Supply at Humphrey’s Mainstage in 2013, with Henry Kapono at Belly Up (incredible vibe there!) last summer, our album release show at THE WORLD BEAT CENTER, and headlining Casbah this last May (2014).

    Q: Tell us the story of how your band got together. Who what where when why?…

    A: Long story short – it was a series of miraculous, synchronistic events – basically started as a project to support the expression of the female voice, hence the name “Sister Speak”

    Q: How much time do you spend practicing each week?

    A: Depends on the week. If we have a big show coming up as a band we tend to have a few solid band rehearsals that week/the weeks leading up. We are sticklers on rehearsal before big shows. It’s hard to know how much each player practices because we are all nearly full-time musicians, and playing all the time – rehearsals, jamming, writing, collaborating with other musicians/bands, practicing on our own, touring etc. 

    Q: What do you like most about performing at the Hillcrest Farmers Market?

    A: The adorable kids who groove to the music(they have some amazing dance moves) and the family vibe.

    Q: Before or after your show, which vendors do you visit for food? Any favorites?

    A: Food picks – Greenfix Smoothies and the Green Truck mmmm!

    Q: Anything else you want the Hillcrest blog community to know about your band?
    A: We just released our debut album, ‘Rise Up for Love’ and are hitting the road this summer for an extensive ‘Rise Up For Love’ summer tour (USA & CANADA)! Tour dates: www.sisterspeakmusic.com/tourAlbum available at: www.sisterspeakmusic.com/shop or on iTUNES! Also here’s a 5 min documentary on the new album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-kRfkYXjNQ

    Thank you so much for your time, Sister Speak! I look forward to seeing your next show!

    Also, I am so happy they commented on the kids’ dance moves at the music tent at the market— because it is a totally underrated attraction to the market! I also love seeing those cute kids “groove”.

    See you next week!
    -Market Girl
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