• Stone Fruits

    Quick: Make a list of things you love about summer!

    Do warm nights top the list? Maybe ice cream cones, sunsets, and swimming? How about stone fruits? For me, those are wayyyy up there. Stone fruits. You know, peaches, plums, apricots, cherries… All those fruits with a “stone”, or a pit in the middles. They tend to be juicy and sweet, cooling on a hot day. Great in pies and jams, or simply alone! Totally  reminiscent of summer!

    Have you been over to Sweet Tree Farms lately? They have some HUGE peaches, the kind that when you bite into them the juice just drips from your face. There really is no way around it. Definitely a sticky fruit to eat while shopping the market! Not that it should stop you or anything…

    Anyway, if you have stocked your fridge with stone fruits, don’t wait. The season is short but oh so sweet. Get on it!

    One great thing about many stone fruits is that they are easily subbed out in recipes for one another. They have very similar uses. And I tell you that because I have a recipe for you that uses cherries. However, please feel free to substitute with other stone fruits. Or use a combination thereof.

    Stone fruits tend to go really well with citrus, to sort of balance that sweetness with some sourness. A good way to see this is by making drinks.  I thought an easy, refreshing beverage would be a good thing to add to your go-to summer drink recipes .

    Sparkling Cherry Limeade. Made with muddled cherries  and mint, lime juice, agave, and finished with sparkling water, this drink is sure to cool you down on a hot summer day! It would be delicious with tequila too, just saying….

    Going with the sweet, sour flavor combos, I would also recommend a peach, grapefruit(ade?) and an apricot lemonade.

    For the recipe and more pictures of this drink please head over to my blog, balanced palate.

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