• Things You Can Count On

    Many things in life are not certain. Whether or not you’re going to enjoy the restaurant you’re trying out, whether or not the book you’ve started will be worth finishing, whether or not the raw milk lady (Claravale farms) will be at the market…even the weather in San Diego is not certain at this time of year! But one thing I can always count on is learning something new at the Sunday market. Just from walking around I seem to pick up at least one bit of useful knowledge. Those kind of things that you hear once and you’ll never forget. I thought I’d share what I learned this week with you.

    See those apples? Delicious, so crunchy, mmm! But., do you notice anything about those apples vs. the majority of those that are store bought? They are not as shiny! I heard a vendor explaining to a market goer that at the grocery stores they actually add a layer of wax to the fruit to make them look more attractive, prevent bruising and mold growth, and extend shelf life. They say this isn’t harmful to us, however… I don’t know about you, but if  I have a choice, I’m buying organic, wax free, chemical free apples from the market. This is something I can count on.

    The second thing I know I can count on is a wide assortment of ethnic cuisine on Sundays. How lucky are we? To have a market that displays food from East Africa, Thailand, France, India… there is truly something for everyone, for every mood, every craving. From the health nut to the (possibly a bit hung over) person that just needs something greasy, you can rest assured you will find something at the Hillcrest Market.

    Instead of making a recipe myself this week, I thought I’d include some recipes from food blogs or the internet in general for you. They all incorporate some of the in-season produce, like broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, and delicata squash.

     Delicata Squash Rings with Cashews and Sweet Mustard

    Millet Salad with sun-dried tomatoes, kale, and beans

    Balsamic Brussels Sprouts Grilled Cheese (I am totally making this ASAP!)

    (simple) Parmesan-Roasted Broccoli– my go-to.

    Market Bucks

    Don’t forget, you only have one week left to send in your “detox with greens” recipes to win some market bucks (money to spend at the Sunday Market!). If you do this, take a picture and post to our Facebook page — Facebook.com/HillcrestFarmersMarket.

    And here’s your next opportunity to come into some market bucks… This Sunday, January 26, I will be at the info booth. Come find me. Tell me the secret word, Persimmon.

    While you’re at the info booth…have you bought a market tote yet? For just $5, how great are these? I actually use this as my purse on a daily basis. I just love the size and how sturdy it is. They hold even the heaviest of your market veggies. You’ll have to come pick one up, like this guy did!

    Hope to see you Sunday… I’ll be there… you can count on it!

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