• Vendor Profile: Asana Foods

    I know I say this a lot- that “so and so” vendor is one of my favorites. And it’s true! I have so many Hillcrest Market favorite vendors! My tastes change week after week and I love how no matter what it is, I am sure to satisfy my craving Sunday mornings.

    But this vendor really is one of my most visited. Asana Foods happens to serve one of my favorite San Diego breakfasts (yes, I know originally Brazilian)- Acai Bowls. And in my opinion, they serve up one of the best bowls. Asana Foods adds ginger to the acai, which in my opinion sends the smoothie-like bowl over the top. Oh, and it’s topped with Asana Foods granola, which… just wow. Such a unique flavor and I swear I feel healthier after eating it. Asana Foods has become synonymous in my mind for Super Foods- both in taste and nutrition. So whenever I want to “indulge” and feel great doing it, this is my go to tent.

    Jay Stafford owns the business, and I always appreciate a quick visit with him at the market. His calming demeanor and extensive knowledge of his product keeps me coming back for advice on how to feel my best. Whether he recommends Chaga Mushroom Tea, maca root powder, moringa leaf powder, or Almond Buddah, Jay ‘s “treatments” cure whatever’s ailing me. If you haven’t already visited Asana Foods, please do. You’re sure to feel super when you leave.

    Please enjoy this brief interview conducted with Jay:


    Question: When did you start your business? How long have you been at the market?

    Answer: Business Started in 2011, and we’ve been at the Hillcrest market since April 2013.

    Q: Describe your business in one sentence.

    A: Yogis turned foodies.

    Q: What is your favorite item on your “menu”?

    A: Almond Buddah.

    Q: What is the most popular item on the “menu”?

    A: Almond Buddah.

    Q: Do you have any new items you’re planning on featuring in the near future?

    A: Cinna-Nola. Granola based on the flavors of our cinnamon almond buddah.

    Q: Tell me a surprising fact about yourself or your business.

     A: We got started out as a food booth making acai bowls at music festivals.

    Q: What is another vendor at the market that you frequent? What do you get there?

    A: Suzie’s Farm: I make them a deliciously large acai bowl every Sunday morning.

    Q: Is there anything else you’d like the blog community to know?

    A: The farmer’s market has some of the best quality food you’ll find anywhere.

    I am so happy Asana ended up as a regular at the Hillcrest Market and I so admire the organic start to Jay’s business. He is truly talented at what he does- between “prescribing” cures to help customers feel best to logistically running Asana booths at multiple markets on a single day to the branding of his product, I am impressed. Thank you, Jay, for your super foods!

    See you next week! Enjoy your Sunday!

    -Market Girl


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