• Vendor Profile: Bread & Cie Artisanal Breads

    Bread & Cie Bakery and Café bakes hand-made, old-world European rustic bread and pastries seven days a week, and can be found at the Hillcrest Farmers Market every Sunday!

    The unique flavors, textures, and crusts give their bread a wonderful versatility and are a result of meticulous preparation using age-old artisan bread making techniques, premium ingredients, and the finest stone-hearth oven imported from Europe.

    All of their breads are:

    • Baked fresh each and every day
    • Made with all natural ingredients, including organic flour for all whole wheat recipes
    • Made with “natural starters” for leavening rather than commercial yeast to make our dough rise (a 2 day procedure) which unlocks and intensifies the flavor of grain during a slow fermentation process
    • Baked in an imported 10,000 pound, hearth deck bread oven
    • Made without any preservatives

    All of the breads at Bread & Cie reflect their commitment to the highest standards of quality, their dedication to the time-honored traditions of European artisan bread baking and their undying love of fresh baked, old-world country breads.

    Bread & Cie also wholesales our bread to restaurants, selected markets, caterers, and hotels, as well as a couple of caterers who live in a hotel.

    Bread & Cie. Pastries too

    They also sell European pastries including Viennoiserie (croissants, etc.), and sweet baked goods including scones, muffins, fruit tarts and pies.

    Baked each and every day, Bread & Cie. offers a daily assortment of morning pastries, vienoisserie (croissants, cinnamon buns, etc.) as well as fruit tarts, pies and celebration cakes.


    • croissants (plain, chocolate & almond)
    • scones
    • assorted muffins
    • cinnamon rolls
    • chocolate pain latte
    • fruit turnovers
    • danish’s
    • apple lattice
    • brownies
    • roule
    • seasonal fruit tarts and pies
    • birthday & other celebration cakes

    Special Pastries: According to their website- Bread & Cie’s Pastry chefs are moody and temperamental and what they bake in addition to our above daily fare varies accordingly. Sometimes they offer meringues, Parisian macaroons, madeleines, napoleons, cream puffs and much more… and sometimes they don’t. So just stop by and see them at the Hillcrest Farmers Market – every Sunday and see what they have! You’ll be glad you did!

    You can also visit Bread & Cie at http://www.breadandcie.com or at 350 University Avenue in Hillcrest.

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