• Vendor Profile: California Fresh Almonds

    For me, nuts are an ideal snack. They’re easy to travel with, they’re nutritious, and they keep me full and energized for some time. I love it when nature provides us with foods like this! Almonds in particular are my go to snack. And as great as an almond can be on its own, Darrin Hopkins of California Fresh Almonds (parent company Hopkins Ag) decided that the nut could be improved. Besides roasting and salting, Darrin added flavors such as Honey Cinnamon and my favorite, Mexican Chocolate. Wow. Almond snacking has been taken to new levels. And I’m all for it. 

    I had an opportunity to interview Darrin. I had been wanting to hear his company’s story for sometime, because I had a feeling it’d be a great one. I was right. I hope you enjoy his story below.

    When did you start your business? How long have you been at the market?

    Hopkins Ag has been farming in Kern County for over 70 years. My Grandfather was one of the original Cotton farmers in California. Hopkins Ag has been farming almonds since 1978. I started offering our Extra #1 supreme nonpareil almonds to San Diego County in 2008. We have been in the market since 2010.

    Describe your business in one sentence.

    We offer our family farmed raw almonds, a variety of fresh roasted almonds, and almond butters.

    What is your favorite item on your “menu”?

    My favorite item is our “spicy” chipotle roasted almonds.

    What is the most popular item on the “menu”?

    Our most popular item is the Lime sea salt roasted almonds.

    Do you have any new items you’re planning on featuring in the near future?

    We plan to add a coconut flavored roasted almonds and also some delicious varieties for the holidays.

    Tell me a surprising fact about yourself or your business.

    First and foremost we always offer this season’s crop, which will always be the freshest almond available.We do everything in house here in San Diego in our commercial kitchen. No buy and resale here!!

    So many almond samples at the market each week!

    What is another vendor at the market that you frequent? What do you get there?

    Green Fix, Gotta get my Kale.

    Is there anything else you’d like the blog community to know?

    If you are looking for a family farm that offers the very best quality on the market, then Hopkins Ag is for you. We cut no corners in quality.


    Thanks, Darrin. I cannot wait to try the coconut almonds! Those sound SO good!

    See you Sunday, everyone!

    -Market Girl

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