• Vendor Profile: La Isla Ceviche

    Today I have a Vendor Profile for you- from one of the vendors I love most: La Isla Ceviche! I love this Ceviche all year long, but I especially love this delicacy in this heat! Because what other purchase at the market is as refreshing, as healthy, and as protein packed than ceviche!? Sitting on the curb with a bag of chips and a container of the best ceviche is an experience that simply cannot be beat. I really feel like I am transported to…well… an Island! No wonder they chose “La Isla Ceviche” as their name!

    Knowing more about the owners of La Isa Ceviche and about their business makes me love this meal even more. I hope you enjoy!

    When did you start your business? How long have you been at the market?

    Our names are Ruffo and Monica Orihuela and we are the owners of la Isla Ceviche LLC. Doing business since 2010. We have been at Hillcrest Farmer’s market since February 2013. My daughter Jessica Lugo who is only 15 1/2 years old is also an owner at la Isla ceviche, she is so darn cute and keeps us in line!!!

    Describe your business in one sentence.

    The best way to describe our business is “the best ceviche in the world” hands-down,  plain and simple!! We are so confident of our craftsmanship ,  our quality and mostly in the enormous amount of dedication that we put into this business by handcrafting are delicious ceviche guacamole and chips!!

    What is your favorite item on your “menu”?

    Our favorite item on our menu is our avocado shooter: it’s a whole avocado sliced in half , we put some amazing ceviche on top and serve with chips on the side!!!


    What is the most popular item on the “menu”?

    And our most popular item is our original and house specialty;  fish ceviche, also serve with chips!!

    Do you have any new items you’re planning on featuring in the near future?

    Ruffo has an amazing recipe for a smoked fish ceviche that we are fine-tuning and bringing to our lineup very soon!!!

    Tell me a surprising fact about yourself or your business.

    I guess the bottom line is we are so humbled by our success in such a short timeframe that we have to pinch ourselves every day. We are expanding and growing and we cant thank our customers enough.  And as a reward to our customers we do offer a frequent buyer card where they work their way up to a free ceviche or guacamole!!


    Is there anything else you’d like the blog community to know?

    I would love for people to go on Facebook and like us!!  There we have a schedule of our weekly markets as well!!

    Currently we are at 12 farmers markets throughout San Diego, Palm Springs, and Orange County!!

    And every year our company helps with medical and dental relief efforts by giving cash donations to the Seventh-day Adventist Mission medical team!!! This year they just returned from a 12 day mission trip where they visited the area where the typhoon killed over 6000 people!! It feels good to know that we’re giving back in ways to help other people too!!!


    Thank you, Ruffo and Monica! I think I will have to come by on Sunday for an Avocado Shooter- am yet to try one of those!

    See you Sunday!

    -Market Girl

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