• Vendor Profile: Poppa’s Fresh Fish Company

    Another seafood vendor for you today! This time it’s Poppa’s Fresh Fish, a vendor that really helps make the Hillcrest Market as incredible as it is. Why? Well, amongst some of the best things about the Hillcrest Market (its energy, its variety, its quality, the people…), is its ability to allow us to open up our minds and try new things. What is a more fun, more unique food to open our minds to than the sea urchin?

    (Image from the Poppa's website)

    I have to say- I am yet to try one of these. It’s on my Market to-do list. I’ve heard they’re incredible, and as you’ll find out below, they’re the most popular item! There must be some very adventurous eaters at the Market!

    Mark Lane, owner of Papa’s, is not only a great business owner and fresh fish provider, but he is also an admirable, charitable San Diego citizen. It was fun to grab Mark’s interview. I hope you enjoy reading a bit about Poppa’s!

    When did you start your business? How long have you been at the market?  I started the business 5 years ago and we have been at Hillcrest Market for 4 years now.

    Describe your business in one sentence.  “Any fresher and you would be under water!”

    What is your favorite item on your “menu”?  At the market, Live sea urchins, at our restaurant, our mixed seafood Pho!

    What is the most popular item on the “menu”?  Live Sea Urchins.

    Do you have any new items you’re planning on featuring in the near future?  Seafood Chilaquiles and seafood tamales.

    Tell me a surprising fact about yourself or your business.  My original plans in life when I went to college were to be a Law professor.

    What is another vendor at the market that you frequent? What do you get there?  SuperNatural Sandwiches, I trade them either oysters or caramelized scallops for grilled cheese shrimp sandwich!

    Is there anything else you’d like the blog community to know?  I have a non-profit called Poppa’s House and we help refugee children all over the country through that non-profit. 

    So, about those fish tacos above…these were some of the most perfectly cooked fish tacos I’ve ever had! And I am a fish taco fanatic. It all must come down to the freshness of the fish. The cook hardly had to do anything to the fish- the freshness spoke for itself. I so enjoyed my lunch last Sunday and I now plan on saving my fish taco cravings for this Market. For $3 each, they’re a steal.

    I hope to see you Sunday for some more unique eats!

    -Market Girl

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